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Galerie C&V is the name under which Alexander Mayer, Jo Zahn and Jörn Zehe have been working together since 2007. The group initiated from their common organisation of the exhibition series "Copieren und Verfälschen" at Künstlerhaus Frise in Hamburg. In 2009, this series was continued with the exhibition "Kommentar als selber was" at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna.

In 2010, forty years after the opening of the exhibition "A Decade of California Color" at Pace Gallery, New York, Galerie C&V showed the outcomes of their research on a fake copy of the exhibition catalogue at Dorothea Schlueter in Hamburg. "Another Decade of California Color" was preceded by two travels to Los Angeles where numerous conversations took place with artists whom had been participating in the exhibition in 1970.

A continuation of this project was presented in 2012 at Essays and Observations in Berlin. Parallel to the show "Pacific Standard time" at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, the exhibition "Suitable for Framing" reopened the case of a work of West Coast art being reproduced inside the fake copy of the catalog.

Since 2014, the artist group has been working on a research project about Impatiens glandulifera. This plant, also known as "Himalayan Balsam" or in German "Indisches Springkraut" was imported in 1839 from North India to London by the British botanist John Forbes Royle and was cultivated at the Kew Botanicals Gardens as an ornamental plant. In recent years, it has been combated massively as an intruder and invasive species, and is dividing conservationists into opponents and proponents. This research about the origin, dispersion, control and combat of Himalayan Balsam has taken place in Bangalore (India), Zirnberg/Oberpfalz, Worpswede and Bad Tölz.

Galerie C&V as guest at GFLK:

2013, Galerie C&V at GFLK Halle Süd, Bad Tölz:
Research and filming of the Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera)

2018 - 2019, Galerie C&V at GFLK Halle Süd, Bad Tölz:
Harvesting Himalayan Balsam in Bavaria

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